Tips To Teach Your Kids Keep A Healthy Dental Habit

Guide your children enjoy healthy dental hygiene by helping them make healthy smiles. Positive experience in brushing and flossing as well as enjoyable dental visits at a dentist Ormeau can make your kids enthusiastic about very good dental and mouth care. A child not only grows to have a gorgeous smile but additionally grows into a healthy habit which could last for many years.

Make it a point to floss and brush with each other

A good way to make your child enthusiastic about dental proper care is brushing and flossing together. Children imitate parental behavior. Demonstrate good brushing skills that include cleaning the tongue! Following brushing, you can get flossing your kid’s teeth. Or if they are old enough, you can let them do it themselves. Help them keep their teeth clean by playing funny songs to get them excited and look forward to routine brushing.

Track the time in which they brush their teeth

Many dentists promote brushing two times a day for two minutes. To know if your child is brushing their teeth long enough, Use a sand timer that times 2 minutes. Use a light colored timer when brushing their teeth.

Flavored Toothpaste

Choosing a toothpaste meant for kids can also be fun. Your toddler to five years old may not appreciate using mint toothpaste, but you can let them use a watermelon or a strawberry fruity flavored toothpaste specially made for kids.

Children’s videos and books

Check out the library’s children’s books to encourage great dental care routines. You can even amuse children by letting them watch an exciting video concerning dental health. Great videos and stories created for kids are perfect for training children how to care for teeth and about oral health.

Star awards for great teeth

To brush help them brush teeth 2x a day and floss more gladly, develop your own incentive technique. Your children can represent the day of the month by decorating posters with pearly whites, toothbrush, healthy and balanced treats along with other dental health subjects. Add stickers to your poster each and every brushing time.

Regular Dentist visits

Regular dental visits are an essential component of dental health for children. Each and every six months, when you visit a dentist, your kid’s smile will become flashy and healthy. Have fun with your family and amaze your kids soon after making an appointment. Plan to visit the playground or have a healthy food snack treats.