Why Should You Have Hammer Drills In Your Tool Box

These days hammer drills are essential in your household toolbox. Others may have already one and may not even know it. So let’s learn when do you need it and what do you use it for. Handy Guy professionals can teach you more information about other tools that you could possibly use. To read more about the best corded hammer drill, you can check out Tool Inventory for unbiased reviews.

What do you need a hammer drill for? 

The hammering action on the drill is used for drilling holes in masonry. There are two actions going on when using hammer drills – the rotary action and the back and forth motion of the drill that helps that helps the drill to penetrate in the masonry products such as concrete and stones. You have to use a masonry bit otherwise you are just going to ruin your bit.

A lot of different drills have options. The cordless drill has a hammer setting, a normal drill setting, and a driver setting if you are going to use screws with it.

Hammer drills are bigger and heavier because it is designed to drill through concrete and stones. Whereas the regular hand drill is designed to drive screws. While there is a setting for driver to secure screws, there needs to be an amount of control of the weight of the drill so as not to ruin the screw or the surface you are drilling at.

You will need a hammer drill in your construction projects. In instances that you need to bore a hole through a concrete, sand a surface, chip out lose concrete, or even just screwing things in place. A hammer drill is one of the power tools that you will need to have in your toolbox if you want to get things done quick and easy.

Hammer drills are easy to use but it requires extra protection for the user too. Just as any use of power tools, you will need to gear up before moving into action. So make sure you have a helmet, goggles, gloves, and the right work boots on before pursuing with any project.