Study Shows That Eating Nuts Can Make You Smarter

Studies have revealed that people who consume more nuts in their daily diet are smarter, have a better memory, and get well faster after some health issues. So it is safe to say that for if you are trying to study for tomorrow’s exam, study with pistachios on the side. It helps you retain what you have reviewed for the next day’s exam.

Nuts can boost brain functionality, that is associated with learning and memory, cognition, and recovery. This is based on researchers at the Loma Linda University.

The study reported that pistachios are the best nuts for learning and cognitive processing. Pistachios can also help people better retain information for a longer period of time. Roasted Pistachios are also known as the best nuts for weight loss

If you are having issues with sleep quality, eating peanuts can help improve your sleeping habits. Peanuts were still considered in the study even if they are not technically nuts because they grow underground.

All the nuts analyzed were loaded with antioxidants which play an essential function in minimizing the danger of illness, and bettering heart health.

“This research offers substantial beneficial results by showing that nut products are great for the human brain as they are also very good for the entire body,”

Lee Berk
Head Researcher

He anticipated upcoming research to show that nuts played out much more functions in the human brain, and also to the entire nervous system.

Pistachios had the highest gamma wave reaction within the research, compared to walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pecans, and cashews.

This means Pistachios are the best nuts to enhance human brain function, conception and for recollecting the maximum amount of information as the brain possibly can.

Meanwhile, Peanuts had the top delta reaction which is associated with healing naturally, having a healthy defense mechanism, and healthy sleep.

Walnuts had by far the most antioxidants per nut, that could aid to protect against the building of cancers, in accordance with the National Cancer Institute.

The results were unveiled after the researchers analyzed individuals who consumed the six various kinds of nuts. The study scanned their brains to gauge the sign of brainwaves. Also, nine areas of the brain had been examined for activity.

Nuts are One of The Best Brain Foods