Language 101: How to Learn Sanskrit


Most people have a burning desire to learn Sanskrit but they just can not appear to locate the perfect resource. Most books or courses require time. They want you to spend many hours in class and doing homework. In the end of the afternoon, these traditional methods will not help you understand the priest at the temple or the Bhagavad Geeta. Below are a few good tips to speed up your learning process. They’re certain to get the job done. Many individuals have gotten proficient in Sanskrit only from following these basic tips.

  • ¬†Attend a Sanskrit camp. Many are held around the world during the calendar year. Look at the resources at the end of the note for internet site locations. Jaahavii 2008 is arriving Labour Day weekend. Be part of it!
  • Listen to internet Sanskrit resources. It might seem like a foreign language initially. Give it time.
  • Buy a fantastic VCD pair of audio/visual an.d watch any of this set for 5 minutes every day. You do not have to see the entire vcd at a single sitting.
  • Subscribe to a regular Sanskrit magazine like Sambhashana Sandesha. Sounds difficult at first but vulnerability, exposure, exposure to Sanskrit is the trick to learning it.
  • Purchase Abhyasapustakam which is a beginners learning book. It’s a great starter resource. Many people around the world have begun on the road with this one book.
  • Create a sentence per day on your own about something trivial. For example, you can say”aham gacchaami” for”I go”

Use these tips and plan to attend a Sanskrit Camp. Don’t get trapped behind the tide. The waves of Jaahnavii (just another term for the Ganga river) can’t be stopped.