Oftentimes, a letter grade does not reflect the effort that students put into a course, the amount a student has learned, or the skills that a student has acquired. A self-evaluation is one way of remedying this deficiency by illustrating and documenting your participation in the course from your perspective. This is the time to argue for yourself and put your best foot forward. The self-evaluation should be a one-page, typed single-spaced paper in which you address the following topics:

  1. Evaluation of your participation in the class
    1. attendance
    2. class participation
      1. in-class contributions
      2. peer work
      3. class preparation
    3. time devoted to the materials
      1. blog
      2. assigned reading
      3. css assignment
      4. type assignment
      5. image assignment
      6. design assignment
      7. individual project
    4. the ways in which you think you improved or not
    5. the problems you encountered in your effort to complete the class assignments to your satisfaction.
    6. what you would have done differently
    7. some of the skills or knowledge that you acquired
  2. A general assessment of how you will apply what you have gained (or not) from the class in the future
  3. Other activities of a historical or new media nature that you participated in