The requirements for the course are as follows: (1) Preliminary Assignments including quiz (30%); (2) First Draft (30%); (3) Final Paper (30%); (4) Oral Presentation (10%); and (5) a self-evaluation (one-page, typed, single-spaced) assessing your performance in the course (not graded but required) and a “Letter to the Next Class” (one-page, typed, single-spaced, in sealed envelope). All of these will be discussed in considerable detail in class.

writing intensive requirements

The course fulfills a university writing intensive requirement as well a Department of History & Art History major requirement. the department requires that students earn a C+ to meet the departmental rules regarding successful completion of the major.

oral presentation requirements

There are few opportunities for students to present their research to an audience. Although the synthesis and writing intensive rubrics no longer require an oral presentation, this iteration of HIST 300 will require a presentation for successful completion of the course. Please note that students will dress professionally for their talks.

scholarly inquiry requirements