Discussing Politics Inside The Classroom Setting

Schools raise our future voters – teachers in California, lawyers in Florida, doctors in India, engineers in New York, plumbers in Fulham and farmer in Wisconsin. It is important then that we raise our future generation to a right mindset. With this in mind, is it healthy to discuss politics in Schools?

With the heated recent political campaign, the talk of politics is all around including in schools from the hallways and even to the classrooms. Five questions were asked to teachers at random to know their opinion about political discussions in school.

Should politics be permitted to be discussed in classrooms?

A teacher of Government course was asked the same question. He says absolutely. His reason- the more students understand what’s going on outside the premise of the school, the more they get prepared when they are out in the real world.

How should the topic of politics be approached?

A teacher in social studies was asked the same question. His answer – Politics should be approached through facts, through current news and events. You can give them a good material to read and to tell what they think about the current political news.

A healthy discussion should be based on facts and not all opinion based so as not to lead to emotional responses. If there are facts and evidence to supports the news then the discussion becomes rational.

What issues can arise when discussing politics inside the classroom?

A science teacher was asked about possible issues that may arise from discussing politics inside the classroom. She answered she doesn’t think that discussing politics inside the classroom should raise issues. With a dialogue that’s respectful and fair is an important skill for students to learn.

The social studies teacher responded that some students can get emotional while pursuing what they have heard about and at the same time voicing out their own opinions. With the lack of information partnered with an aggressive response can be dangerous. Other than that there shouldn’t be any problems.

Must teachers have a political bias?

A history teacher responded. Hearing a fellow teacher saying a negative opinion towards the President at the time makes any one comfortable. In fact, it made everyone uncomfortable at that time.

The teacher’s role should be promote be to promote a healthy discussion, make students realize that everybody has an opinion, has a voice that they can share in the classroom.

Is it important to discuss politics in class?

Being that students will be the future voters, they have to learn as early as possible the significance of differentiating facts from false. Therefore, discussing politics inside the classroom can be healthy for the students.


Students have the right to learn the truth. Teachers can discuss political issues but be very careful not to take sides. Political discussions can be healthy with proper guidance from adults who are the teachers. With a growing technology, students are exposed to various news and information readily available online. Therefore, they should be able to distinguish what matters and what does not, what’s based on facts and what’s based on false news.